About Me

PEPPER SPARKLES, the 20's in a shaker!

Pepper Sparkles by Marissa Tammisalo
Pepper Sparkles is a burlesque performer, vintage/pinup model and vintage specialist from Finland. She first discovered burlesque in 2008, at the very first Helsinki Burlesque Festival, and has been hooked ever since! After taking some workshops with some of the international burlesque performers visiting Finland, Pepper first hit the stage in 2009, at the second edition of Finland's "Newcomer's Night". From 2011 onwards Pepper has co-performed with fellow burlesque performers Gigi Praline and Sandy Jungle as the troupe Thee Dizzy Daisies.She also teaches burlesque workshops both in Finland and internationally, and is a proud member of the Finnish school of burlesque Burleskinstituutti.

She is a picture-perfect reincarnation of the turn-of-the-century exotic dancers such as Mata Hari and silent movie beauties like Theda Bara. She brings you all the eye-catching exotica and flamboyant vintage elegance of Golden Era Hollywood. Her unique and exquisite acts will propel you into fantastic worlds of wonders, and are guaranteed to always leave a smile on your face. Let her flapper you up!

Some notable performances:
- Helsinki Burlesque Festival 2012
- Helsinki Burlesque Festival 2013
- Stockholm Burlesque Festival 2013
- London Burlesque Festival 2014
- Boylesque Festival Vienna 2014
- New York Burlesque Festival 2014
- Amsterdam Burlesque Award 2014
- Helsinki Burlesque Festival 2015
- London Burlesque Festival 2015
- Polish Burlesque Festival 2015
- Berlin Burlesque Week 2016
- Caput Mundi Burlesque Award (Rome) 2016
- Amsterdam Burlesque Award 2016
- Lyon Burlesque Festival 2017
- Helsinki Burlesque Festival 2017
- Bordeaux Burlesque Festival 2017
- Devils in High Heels Burlesque Festival (Brussels) 2017


"Hah looks like Theda Bara." - youtube user, 2013

"Simply magnificent! You look like you just walked out of an old noir movie, in the very best way. I've never seen anything like it but I definitely look forward to seeing more of your art in the future!" - youtube user, 2013

"Putting the tease back in strip tease, very nice." - youtube user, 2014