Available as a solo performer or as the duet Thee Dizzy Daisies, Pepper can be booked for different kinds of happenings. Pepper's own style usually mixes elements of classic burlesque with different influences in order to obtain that very special something that makes each one of her acts unique. Have a look at the different available routines below, you're sure to find something to fit your special occasion!

- Mata Hari

Edwardian orientalist extravaganza inspired by the turn-of-the-century exotic dancers such as Mata Hari, Ruth St. Denis and Isadora Duncan, and lavish costuming of the Golden Era.

Mata Hari by Atelieri O. Haapala

- Algae

A charmingly exotic feather fan dance and bellydance fusion inspired by edwardian orientalism, the mysterious underwater wonderland of the coral reefs and the distant eastern lands and spices.

Picture by Emilia Lyon Photography
Headpiece by Tiisin' Design

- The Golden Era

A dreamy Art Deco inspired act, combining the elegance and sensuality of the 1930s with the playfulness and energy of the 1920s. Pepper at her most classic.

Picture by Emilia Lyon Photography
StarBoa by Big Fannie Annie

- Pantomime

Probably the worst juggler you've ever seen! But when everything else fails, what will this cheeky lovely clown come up with to save the day?

- The Chap

This cheeky gent from the 1920s silent movies is all about looking dapper and flirting with the ladies, but when a pair of bees decide to get into his clothes, he may have to reveal more than he intended to!

- Jellyfish

One of the most extravagant and poisonous creatures of the ocean, but definitely also one of the most beautiful... shaking to some good old-school hard rock!

Picture by Jari B. Miettinen

La Fée Verte

Lovely tiny mischievous creature hiding inside the absynth bottles, you can never be sure if you really saw her or if it was all a product of your imagination... But what happens when she gets to taste her own elyxir?

La Fée Verte by Jirina Alanko


A delicate and exotic paper fan dance to traditional Japanese music, theatre and traditional dances. But wait a second, is there actually more than meets the eye about this Geisha?

Geisha by Michal Tokarczuk


Pepper is also available for hosting burlesque workshops on different topics and for different levels of experience, as well as hen parties and birthday parties for groups. The workshops are usually held in Lauttasaari (Helsinki) and the avarage length is about 90min, but the length and content can be changed depending on your needs so don't be afraid to ask!


Vintage clothing and aesthetics are one of Pepper's passions. She is most familiar with the 1910s, 1920s and 1930s decades, but she will be able to help you with those 1940s and 1950s pinup hairstyles and makeups too. Make people turn their heads at that special upcoming party!

Picture by Emilia Lyon Photography


Although not a schooled seamstress, Pepper has handcrafted and sewn since she was a child, and is available for costume making and embellishing. She is best at customizing ready-made pieces, but can also make some pieces from scratch, for example underwear (including mishap-proof really sturdy bras for burlesque and/or bellydance) and pasties/tassels. She mostly likes working with recicled/vintage materials whenever possible, but can use any materials you choose. Some examples:

Beaded and rhinestoned pasties,  
for Pepper's "Mata Hari" act
                             American Cabaret style
                            bellydance ensemble

AFTER: rhinestone and applique embellishing               BEFORE: harness by Tyra Therman


Pepper can also be contacted for different photography projects. The payment depends on the project itself, and can be further discussed with her, but TFP will work for projects that are interesting/different and mutually beneficial. Pepper can do her own makeup/hair in needed and owns a wide range of different burlesque and vintage costumes and props.
In addition to this, Pepper and Thee Dizzy Daisies can also be booked for promoting purposes at events and happenings, they all speak fluent English and Finnish and Pepper also speaks Spanish and Basque.

Lamiña by Saara Salmi