Wednesday 7 March 2018

Tampere Burlesque Experience

Looong time no write! I know, it's been almost two years since my last post and it was absolutely about time. As usual, life got in the way again and I've been way too overwhelmed to spend too much time online. The main reason for it is that I am a student again, and I'm studying for my dreamjob, but that also means I am now a full time student. And since I still keep on teaching my evening dance classes, and I have even more groups than before, there are many weeks in which my only free days is Sunday :-)
(In case you're curious, I'm studying to be a conservator of historical objects)

Anyway, I just updates the past and upcoming gigs, so I'll be looking forward to seeing many of you soon!

An speaking of which, the next chance to see me on stage will be this weekend, at the Tampere Burlesque Experience! It's been ages since I last performed in Tampere, and I couldn't possibly be any more excited about it. Olivia Rouge and Tampere Burlesque have organized such a treat for you! Teerenpeli Tease - Experience on Friday, main show on Saturday and lovely brunch on Sunday! Besides all the workshops the supertalented international guests will be teaching throughout the weekend.

You'll be able to catch me on Friday at Teerenpeli with my dear partner in crime Gigi Praline, and also performing solo on Saturday at the main event. Check out the lineup! You really don't want to miss this! <3