Wednesday 21 October 2020

Kuuton Klubi

Well hello again! I had a TOTAL BLAST last Saturday at The Ravishing Shangri-La Rubies' Halloween club, Kuuton Klubi! The lineup was delicious, and I had the great pleasure of relaxing and watching the second and third sets in good company since I was last in the first set. Letting my clumsy-crazy-juggler-clown out to play is always so much fun! 😁

Also, did you know that the Rubies-klubit have a team of top professionals just to take care of their life-stream? You've never seen a live-stream in so good quality, I promise! And the best thing is that even if you missed it, it is still available to be watched online until Saturday. Just follow this link to buy your access! 💛

And here go a couple of pictures of my being silly and having fun on stage, see you next time! 

Picture by Jari Flinck

Picture by Jari Flinck

Tuesday 13 October 2020

Kaamos Kabaree in Oulu

 Aaaahhh, what a weekend (and week!)! This week started with some surprising (very positive and a bit unexpected) news that concern my other profession (object conservation), so I haven't been able to post about this on time, but I was utterly delighted to be part of this year's Kaamos Kabaree in Oulu, which is organized by my dear friend Lala L'More! It's been a couple of year's since I've last performed in Oulu (or visited altogether), and I really loved spending a weekend full of burlesque, laughter and friendship with you all 💛

I also got to teach a couple of workshops on floorwork and 1920s makeup to some wonderful people, and while my schedule was so tight that we didn't have time to take any photos before/after the workshops I can at least share this picture of the curtain call the night before! 

Picture by Jaakko Alatalo