Wednesday 21 October 2020

Kuuton Klubi

Well hello again! I had a TOTAL BLAST last Saturday at The Ravishing Shangri-La Rubies' Halloween club, Kuuton Klubi! The lineup was delicious, and I had the great pleasure of relaxing and watching the second and third sets in good company since I was last in the first set. Letting my clumsy-crazy-juggler-clown out to play is always so much fun! 😁

Also, did you know that the Rubies-klubit have a team of top professionals just to take care of their life-stream? You've never seen a live-stream in so good quality, I promise! And the best thing is that even if you missed it, it is still available to be watched online until Saturday. Just follow this link to buy your access! 💛

And here go a couple of pictures of my being silly and having fun on stage, see you next time! 

Picture by Jari Flinck

Picture by Jari Flinck

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