Tuesday 21 January 2014

Tuesday, sweet tuesday!

Definitely one of my favourite days of the week, and that's because I get to DANCE! I've been studying a bellydance style called Tribal Fusion for the last two years, and I must confess I'm totally hooked (if you get to follow this blog you'll probably end up seeing a lot of posts about it). It's a relatively new bellydance style, that has its roots in another bellydance style called ATS (American Tribal Style) and mixes it with other dance styles such as flamenco, hip hop and indian traditional dances. The outcome is absolutely mindblowing! The movements look mesmerizing and unnatural, as if the human body wouldn't be meant to move that way, and of course this required TONS of hours of practicing!
Luckily I have a wonderful teacher that kicks out butts, and keeps us motivated :-)

Here goes a picture of some of the members of our tribe Kaira Tribe, with our hot redhead teacher Laura Luna in the middle! And the season has actually just started, so if you are interested in giving it a try I recommend you get in touch through her website or facebook account :-)

"The Allure" by Asko Rantanen

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