Sunday 16 March 2014

Fleamarket finds, Vol.3

Besides the new burlesque costume I posted about earlier, I'm currently also working on a new bellydance costume. And this time I decided to finally try out something that's been tempting me for a while, which is using buttons instead of coins! I will elaborate on this in the future when the costume is finished, but I mentioned it mostly in order to explain why I've been hunting for buttons in charity shops for the last week or so. 

After work on Friday I decided to visit a new charity shop I had never been to before, and besides a bunch of the buttons I needed I also managed to get a couple of vintage treasures: a 1940's tablecloth and some vintage buttons. 
The tablecloth isn't maybe extremely spectacular, as this kind isn't so difficult to find and one sees them in fleamarkets every now and then, but it was in pristine condition and only cost 2.5€! The buttons I found while hunting for the ones I needed for the bellydance costume. I found quite a few fabric covered white buttons in two sizes, that are usually quite hard to find nowadays, and are for example perfect for vintage repro underwear. Besides those I found three really cute wooden square buttons. I'm not sure if there are old, but even if they aren't this is a precious find since wooden buttons and buttons in any other shape than round (and in a proper material) are almost impossible to find nowadays! I still have no idea what I'll be using them for, but I'm sure they'll look pretty wherever they end up ;-)

1940's tablecloth and vintage buttons

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