Saturday 22 February 2014

Fleamarket finds, Vol.1

A quick post to show you something that Lassi found for me last Thursday while I was at work! I will probably end up writing many posts about things both Lassi and me find in fleamarkets in the future, so I have decided to start numbering them accordingly.
This is a pair of black leather and suede oxfords found in Radio Kirppis in Tampere, which is one of the fleamarkets we often check. This is a bit of an interesting pair, as the model itself looks like it's from the 1930s-40s, but Lassi believes they were made in the 1950's (and I usually trust him since he's very good at dating). The leather is a bit wrinkly, but nothing that some good Peckard's and a pair of lasts can't fix, and even the laces are original.

lovely use of different materials

Also, since the heels are rather wide and very sturdy, these are just perfect for daily wear! I will probably take them to the cobbler's for half-soles, but otherwise it feels like these babies are going to stay with me for a looong time :-)

side view and sole

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