Monday 24 February 2014

Fleamarket finds, Vol.2

And it seems it was a specially nice weekend for fleamarket hunting, so here you go round two! I'm only posting the items I bought (except a small arts & crafts turn-of-the-century flowerpot stand I forgot to take pictures of), Lassi found some nice jugend textiles and objects himself. 
We found this objects from a couple of fleamarkets in the countryside, which is where the best fleamarkets usually are but it also means you need a car for it. 

This lovely nurse cap/headpiece cost 1€, but I actually got it for free with the other items I bought. It's so cute! And it will fit perfectly with both my vintage aprons, since even though I'm not sure about how old this cap is the model didn't change so dramatically over the decades. 

(1950?) nurse cap

The other clothing item I found in that fleamarket is a 1920's nightgown, but I'm planning to use this one with a sash and as a summer dress. It's made of linen and it has gorgeous decorative pleats and cross-stitching on the collar and sleeves. I think this one will fit perfectly for the orientalist 1910/1920s look, since it reminds me a bit of antique greek/oriental clothing. And it only cost 10€!

1920's nightgown

I also got some lovely art deco ceramic spice jars, probably 1930s. These are quite often found in fleamarkets around Finland, but the ones with nice jugend or art deco motives are often overpriced. I'm more interested in jugend objects at the moment, but these are so pretty that I couldn't leave without them! They only cost 4€/piece, and even though one was broken and glued back I decided to also take it with me since it was half-price and still in working condition. 

1930's ceramic spice jars

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