Sunday 16 February 2014

Gig at Kirjaclub with Kitty Litter!

I had such a blast last night! (even literally, if you ask me) I absolutely adore performing with my dear Dizzy Daisies, but Sandy was performing at Kustom Kulture in Kaapelitehdas and Gigi was having a well deserved short holyday in Stockholm, so I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with my dear Kitty Litter. We were booked to perform at a place called Kirjaclub (bookclub), and it was the first time I've performed in which we weren't allowed to take the bras off! The audience was anyway absolutely lovely, and the organizers treated us like queens :-)

gorgeous Kitty Litter and the lovechild of a geisha and
a flamenco dancer about to hit the stage :-D

Because of not being able to take the bra off I was a bit limited with the choice of acts to perform (a couple of them are all about the twirling in the end, or at least something about the tassels/pasties is vital to the story), so I decided to perform my Geisha act (which I hadn't performed in a year and a half) and my Mata Hari act. I usually do full Geisha makeup and hair for the first one, but because we had a pretty fast change I opted for a lighter version of it, and my usual 1920's fingerwaves. 
I was going through my Mata Hari act and feeling specially energetic and strong about the way I was moving on stage last night, when I suddenly realized I was in mid-air with my legs trying to go in one direction and the body on the other one! That was of course followed by an epic landing on my left knee and forearm, but thanks to the adrenaline boost I managed to finish the act. Well, I guess I can now say I have also slipped and fell on stage! :-D

absolutely delicious food on the left, and my knee and
a bag of ice on the right :-D

After that we were treated to white wine, sparkly and some delicious food, which we enjoyed backstage while I applied some ice to my nicely swollen knee. I nevertheless was stubborn enough to go check our gorgeous and very talented gals Sandy Jungle, Bettie Blackheart, Kiki Hawaiji, Tinker Bell, Cherry Turbo-Cherry Dee and Vera de Vil, who were performing a late night show at Kustom Kulture Show. There was a lot of new/revamped acts, and it was the perfect way to finish such a fun day! Now looking forward to the Helsinki Burlesque Festival in two weeks...

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