Tuesday 4 February 2014

London Burlesque Festival lineups announced!

I can now announce that I'll have the honour of performing at the Red Carpet Rollout showcase within the London Burlesque Festival, which happens to be the opening gala! I must say it's as exciting as scary, but luckily I'll be sharing the stage with my dear Natsumi Scarlet and Pepper Potemkin and many other amazing performers <3

The festival is indeed over a week long and unluckily enough I won't be able to stay in London for the whole of it, but I'm ecstatic about being able to attend the Twisted Cabaret showcase on Sunday 18.5, where my dear Sir Willy Waterlily (definitely one of my most favourite burlesque performers EVER, so happy to represent Finland in London together! <3), Natsumi Scarlet and Lou Safire will be performing!

Which reminds me, tickets still have early bird prices, so go ahead and click on the links above if you want to get yours on time! :-) 

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