Wednesday 12 February 2014

On the way to work...

I do a lot of work as an art model, which usually involves commuting all over the area, since art schools are scattered around. My usual furthest commute is to a school named Pekka Halosen Akatemia, after the Finnish turn-of-the-century painter and artist Pekka Halonen. This school happens to be in the middle of nowhere between two towns: Tuusula and Järvenpää. The commute here is rather troublesome, it involves either an hour or more by bus, or some 25mins by train plus 25mins more walking (which is what I usually chose), and I still have mixed feelings about it. Nevertheless the walk from the train station to the school is often quite rewarding, as one gets to experience the beauty of Finnish nature throughout the seasons and in different weathers.
Today was definitely one of those days! Even though the snow in Helsinki has been melting for the last couple of days due to the temperatures going above zero, here in the outskirts the scenery is still white and crisp, and today specially mysterious since a thick mantle of fog covers it all. Definitely a view to enjoy and to remind us of how insignificant we are as compared to the greatness of nature <3

walk in the countryside on the way to work

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